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Property Title Fraud Alerts

Property Title Fraud Alerts

By Garabedian Properties |

April 25, 2020

Real estate title fraud can be a devastating experience if it occurs to your family. Title fraud is when someone forges your properties title and then uses it to secure loans or to sell a property which of course they do not own. They will then default on the loans and usually you won’t hear about it until the foreclosure notice is posted or the new buyers show up to take possession.

If you have a loan on the property or other types of liens it is much harder for this to occur however if you have a free and clear property you are very susceptible to this type of crime.

We have noticed a proliferation of adds both on line, TV and radio presenting services which can help protect your family by notifying you of title activity.

The reality is that many counties already provide this service free of charge to those who register. We have utilized this service for years and can vouch that the Tarrant County system works great. We have included links below to help you find local resources and will update as more become known to us. Keep in mind all the information comes from the same place.

Tarrant County

Ellis County

Dallas County

Collin County

National Database

So before you spend hundreds of dollars a year for a service, consider registering directly with the same database these companies use.

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