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Tasks You May Have Never Thought About To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Tasks You May Have Never Thought About To Prepare Your Home For Sale

By Garabedian Properties |

June 28, 2020

We all come to that time when we have to get our home ready to sell.  Realtors will have their list of tasks they will want you to undertake in preparation to sell.  Often they will concentrate on updates and fresh paint, which are always good ideas.  However there are many more items a Realtor may not have on their list.

As home builders, we are accustom to preparing homes for sale.  Over the years we have developed a list of items which help homes present their best possible impression to buyers. Here are some suggestions from that list which you may want to undertake;


Not only do you want your grass to be lush and neat, you will want to attend to all of your landscaping.  Install fresh mulch and seasonal color in the flower beds. Trim all the bushes and hedges.  Lift the trees and trim them off the roof.


Wood fences should be cleaned and freshly stained.  Check and repair wood rot and loose posts.  Iron fences can be painted as well. You would be shocked how much fresh paint on an iron fence does for a property.

Mail Box

If you have a masonry mail box give it a scrub down.  If you have metal box, give it a fresh coat of paint and/or wipe it down.  Make sure the numbers are clean and easy to read.  If you have your house numbers painted on the curb get them refreshed and repainted.

Front Door

A fresh coat of paint/clear coat will give a house an inviting appearance as prospective buyers walk up.  That tarnished door hardware has to be cleaned or better yet replaced.  An locksmith can key the new one to your existing key.  You should also take a look at your other exterior door hardware as it will weather over time.

Clean Hinges

You may have noticed some black residue around your door hinges.  This is graphite, a lubricant for hinges.  Wipe them down and clean them up.

Light Switches

Check all your switches and plugs to make sure the covers match and are in good shape.  Replace any missing screws.


Driveways and sidewalks need attention.  Stains should be cleaned, holes should be filled and expansion joints should be caulked.  Pay attention to where the driveways attach to the garage.


We all know to have carpets cleaned and/or replaced.  However your other flooring requires attention as well. Grout should be repaired and cleaned as necessary.  Wood floors should get a fresh coat of polyurethane.  Make sure the installer inspects the current finish to ensure the new coat will take.

Showers & Tubs

Grout should be repaired and cleaned as necessary.  Caulking should be fresh at corners and shower/tub enclosures.  Check your hardware, specifically the drains, for damage to the finishes.


Not only should you have your windows cleaned both inside and out, you should also have other glass cleaned such as fireplaces and cabinet glass.  Also pay attention to the light fixtures, crystal and light bulbs.


Check you vents for mildew and cobwebs.  Over time they can get dirty and require cleaning that is often missed during normal house cleaning.


Yes the attics, you should clean them of any debris, trash, etc… Sweep off any loose insulation from the decking.  If you have any boxes stored up there, stack them in an orderly fashion.  Clean out any debris and trash from the pans under the air handlers.

These are not only good suggestions for selling your home they can also give you a good sense of your next home to purchase. If you see all of these items being attended to, you can have some confidence the owners have taken care of their home.

Now that you have your list, let’s get to work. After all the sooner your sell your existing home the sooner we can get started on a new custom home for your family. I can assure you we will have our list to work as well.

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