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By Garabedian Properties |

April 20, 2019

Barn doors are all the craze in new homes.  They offer a great accent to a room while offering a fresh way to close off a room.

The term barn door is somewhat generic and simply refers to a pocket door that is operated outside of the wall.  As they are outside of the wall they will often be more decorative than traditional pocket doors.

Barn doors can be rustic, traditional or modern.  They can be wood, glass or a combination of the two.  Some of these doors may incorporate unique materials such as metal, tile, leather or fabric.  The designs are only limited by your imagination.

Unlike pocket doors, which are stored inside the wall, barn doors require wall and floor space in the room for operation.  This creates a challenges as they can take up quite a bit of wall space.

This prevents a homeowner from using this space for furniture or art.  As you can see from the pictures below, the door when in the closed position leaves a large blank wall exposed to the room.  When the door is in the open position the wall space is taken up and unable to be used for furniture or art.

As a custom home builder, we consistently look for ways to improve on popular features such as barn doors.  Here is one of the concepts we recently developed.

Our contemporary door system features a stained white oak frame, premium chrome hardware and glass door body.  You may have noticed how we recessed the wall behind the door.

This gives our owner the ability to hang pictures without them being disrupted by the door’s operation.  This recess allows for those items to remain on the wall even when the barn door is in the open position.

In addition we had a 5′ wide glass panel installed. This allows you to see the art work on the wall regardless of the door being open or closed.  No more boring blank wall space.

And as Walt Disney would say, we wanted to “plus it”.  We did this with the commissioning of a customized wall of abstract wood art inside the niche.  This assorted customized detail was designed on site by Michael so that this space would always feature a unique element.  This element is visible with the door open or closed.

One more way Garabedian Properties is consistently offering unique and customized features in all our homes.  This is what we refer to as “Uniqueness built in”.

If you are in the search for a custom home builder, we welcome the opportunity to visit with your family and share how our nationally award winning team can personalize your new home with unique features such as this barn door concept.

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