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Pro Tips - HVAC Not Blowing Cold

Pro Tips - HVAC Not Blowing Cold

By Garabedian Properties |

July 8, 2024

Here we will share tidbits of information to help you care for your home, diagnose issues and/or initiate preventive maintenance. Let's talk about the HVAC not working;If your AC is running but no air is coming out of the vents, there may be a very simple solution.  Eight times out of ten it is a dirty air filter which can be easily replaced.  Please know your unit may have frozen up if it was running for a prolonger period of time with a dirty filter.  This will require you to power down the unit for a while.You can do this with the light switch in the attic that will be located close to the air handler or at the breaker box.  You can tell if power is on or off to a unit by the thermostats turning off. Give it a few hours to thaw out completely, turn it back on (after installing the new filter) and you should start to feel cool air coming from the vents.If this does not solve the issue you may need a technician to come out.  If you are part of our Estate Management Services program all you have to do is text us and we will get right on it.  If you are not part of our Estate Management Services program, give us a call and we can explain how it works.

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