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June 2023 Update

June 2023 Update

By Garabedian Properties |

June 1, 2023

Summer is here, it’s time to mulch the beds, mow the lawn and pay those crazy high Texas water bills.  Summer is also the time folks start wondering about where they will be living next summer.

With new custom homes taking up to a year to design and another year or more to build, it is never too early to plan your next move.  National averages show American families move every 7 years.  Don’t be the one that ruins the curve :-).

Seriously the home building cycle time has grown so much longer, it is advised for families to start the process early to avoid having to make rush decisions later or settling for something less than ideal when the time comes.

We have some new faces around the sites, please welcome Dvante Johnson our new site assistant, Patrick Madej our new carpenter and Gabriel Lafara our new intern.

The Texas Legislature has finished its main session and there have been some big wins in the battle to keep the costs of housing down.  Some notables include;

* The Statue of Repose has been adjusted from 10 years to 6 years for builders who offer comprehensive written warranties.  This will save Builders and Owners on insurance and litigation costs.

* The Residential Construction Liability Act has been updated to remove 20 year old language that was no longer relevant.

* Inspection fees charged by municipalities must be based upon the reasonable costs of providing the inspections and not based upon the value of the item being inspected.

Many other items have also been addressed when combined together can help drive down the spiraling costs of new home construction.  

Regardless, our Team is out there each day working hard to build/renovate our Owner’s homes.  We also have several homes nearing completion with more about to start, which as of yet do not have Owners.

Have a wonderful summer! If we can be of service in building or renovating your home OR if you wish to receive an evaluation from our Estate Management Services, please call or message.

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