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How To Turn Off Your Water

How To Turn Off Your Water

By Garabedian Properties |

February 14, 2021

During major winter weather events our homes in Texas can come under great stress. When the temperature falls into the low 20s and below older homes can have water pipes freeze up. When the temperature falls below 20 for extended periods all homes are at risk.

When pipes freeze and/or burst the damage does not normally occur until the temperature warms up. It is imperative that all owners know how to turn off their water when a pipe bursts. This short video will show the most common ways to turn off the water for your house, fire sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Make sure you know where these shuts offs are located before you need them. When a pipe bursts you have less than a minute to stop the water and avoid major damage.

If you are one of our homeowners or part of our Home Care Concierge Program, we will monitor our message centers 24/7 during major weather events to respond to weather emergencies. Stay safe and warm. Spring is just around the corner.

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