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How to Find Your Perfect Builder: Worksite Cleanliness

How to Find Your Perfect Builder: Worksite Cleanliness

By Garabedian Properties |

November 4, 2020

Building a home is can be one of the most exciting, monumental moments in our lives, and when choosing a builder there are a number of things to consider. Price, reputation, home style, and location are some of the first things that often come to mind—and although these considerations are important to think about, there is one factor that isn’t always top of mind: Worksite Cleanliness and Organization. Sounds minor but hear us out!


In each build, our first priority is safety for everyone on site. Every person that sets foot on a site, from the crew to a homeowner, is guided on how to avoid accidents and injury while on the site of a build project. An easy way to avoid accidents is a clean work area. Proper disposal of debris and organization can go a long way in preventing injuries such as falls, sprains, and lacerations.

Cost Savings

When a job site is cluttered it can be difficult to keep up with raw material. Often times during a build, we realize that there are materials that can be used for other projects. The ability to recover these materials saves us money, which in turn, saves the homeowner money. These materials can be easily missed or damaged due to a cluttered job site and we pride ourselves on using all viable material purchased.


In addition to safety and cost savings, a clean job site is simply easier to the eye. When there isn’t clutter in the way, the crew produces a neat and clean product and can work faster. Similar to how that refreshing feeling you have when you come home to a clean home after a long day, it’s reassuring to homeowners when the job site appearance is neat when they check-in on the progress.  

Pride and Respect

When a builder insists on a clean worksite, their trades and suppliers understand the builder takes pride in their projects and, in turn, the suppliers care for the owners. A clean worksite is a great indicator of a builder and their team showing respect to the owner’s investment. We like to call this the Disney effect: When you are at a Disney park you see the efforts that the facility and cast members take to keep it clean and, in turn, guests will dispose of their trash.

Sometimes, guests catch themselves picking other people’s trash while visiting the parks. The same can happen on a worksite. When a subcontractor and/or supplier comes across a clean worksite, they consciously (and subconsciously) take extra efforts to help keep it clean. All builders and their crew should have the same pride and respect for the build site that you can expect when you visit a Disney park.

Garabedian Properties has spent years perfecting our craft and tailoring our builds to meet the specific needs of each family we meet. The Garabedian difference can be seen from day one with the personalized meet and greet and carries on to the job site and throughout the build. A clean work area seems like a small perk, but it’s important to both the homeowner and the crew that our home building sites stay clean.

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