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How to Keep Your Home Organized

How to Keep Your Home Organized

By Garabedian Properties |

January 19, 2023

Some say it’s hard to feel organized in life when your house is unorganized. Princeton University found that when you have too much physical clutter in your surroundings, the ability to focus and process information could be diminished. Is that something that affects you? If so, today is a good day to plan how you’d like to tackle your home organization because it’s national Organize Your Home Day!

Organizing your home is only the first step. Keeping your home organized takes planning and discipline. Here are a few habits to pick up to keep your home tidy and organized:

1. Make lists! Make an agenda of all things you’d like to get done and put a timeline, or deadline, next to each item.

2. Create Bins! If you run across something that needs to be donated or sold, immediately toss it into a designated bin to be handled when they fill up.

3. Delegate! If you live with others, make it everyone’s responsibility to keep the home organized. Assign tasks and role to each member of the household to keep your home tidy and organized.

If you also need some help with keeping up with home maintenance throughout the year, give our office a call to inquire about our Home Maintenance program: 817.748.2669

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